For shipping to other country, you can choose either Insured Shipping or Uninsured Standard Airmail.

Insured Shipping

The shipping charges will depend on the city and country to which the packages are being shipped. Our shopping cart system calculates your actual shipping rate during checkout.
For insured shipping, we use Fedex, EMS, or TNT. You don’t need to choose the shipping courier as we will choose the best option for you. If you want to choose the shipping courier yourself, please contact us.

Uninsured Standard Airmail

It’s free of charge, but we can’t predict when will the package arrives to your door as there will be no tracking number and no insurance provided in case of lost. We use local post office to ship the package. If you want to use this method, please contact us directly as we don’t use it automatically on our website (because we don’t recommend it)

Shipping Time

All of the orders will be sent after the producing process is done. The shipping time will depend on your destination and your country’s custom handling. For uninsured standard shipping, we can’t predict the arrival time, but it can go up to 3 months. Try your luck at casino med trustly utan svensk licens. For Insured Shipping, usually the package will be arrived in 4-10 days. However, the exact shipping time can’t be guaranteed.

Important Notices

Please note that Import Duties, Taxes, and Charges from local government are not included in the calculated price on this website. These charges are customer’s responsibility. However, there were zero issue about that in our shipping history.
We are not responsible for any lost or damaged package. Once we hand the package over the shipping courier, and give you the tracking number (for Insured Shipping), liability transfers to the shipping courier for any lost or damaged packages.
We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by holidays, delayed custom clearance, bad weather, or any other reasons of delay we can’t handle.

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